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Thank you for your prayers while Gary and Audrey were gone on their sabbatical. Gary's surgery and ensuing therapy went very well. Their missionary efforts, which were also part of their sabbatical, were extremely productive and a time that the Kah family will never forget. You can read about their experience in Gary's most recent article "Bittersweet." Along with Gary's articles, we will resume posting some of his new talk show interviews. Please share this update with friends.

NOTE: As the Kah family will be on a rigorous schedule over the next few months we ask that you continue to allow 3-5 weeks to receive any products you order through our website. Thank you for your patience!

Here you will not only find materials by Gary Kah, but also other materials, both Christian classics and the most up to date releases all of which have been personally reviewed and recommended by Gary himself. If you would like to access more of Gary's articles and talk shows, please visit GaryKah.org